Tuesday, July 3, 2012

First Ever South Fraser CARP Board Meeting - June 21, 2012

On June 21, 2012,  22 people attended the first ever South Fraser CARP board meeting to discuss volunteering for various board positions and future public event participation. Most importantly, the group in a round table discussion brain stormed the issues that were felt should be our chapter's primary and initial advocacy priorities. See the below board meeting's taster video and pictures. If anyone would like to also be active with our chapter on the board or volunteer or just sit in please contact us for more information. This meeting's South Fraser CARP board minutes are posted on our blog and are preliminary subject to formal approval at our next board meeting.

Friday, June 1, 2012

JoyTV News coverage of Our 1st CARP Meeting

 JoyTV News coverage of our inaugural South Fraser CARP chapter 48 inaugural meeting.

Friday, May 11, 2012

May 10th Inaugural South Fraser CARP meeting a Great Success

The South Fraser CARP inaugural meeting was held early yesterday evening, May 10th, at the Township of Langley 4th Floor Presentation Center/Council chambers. It was a wonderfully successful event. In excess of 80 people attended. The theme was aging in place and transportation in relation to where we live and the where and why we choose to live where we do and how it relates to aging in place. The highlight of the evening was the lively interaction with the audience members who were generous in sharing their opinions and thoughts on the topics. The audience attendees essentially gave us a shopping list of action items to be further explored and championed by South Fraser CARP chapter 48. We are now off and running! Thank you.

From left to right pictured above are: 
Joe Zaccaria (South Fraser CARP Director), Kim Richter (South Fraser CARP Director & Chair), Frank Bucholtz (Event Moderator & Langley Times Editor),  Cathleen Vecchiato (South Fraser CARP Director) and guest speaker & event co-host, Nathan Pachal (South Fraser ON TRAX).

More than 80 people pictured above listening to keynote speaker Rhonda Latrielle (Psychologist, MBA, & CEO of Age Friendly Business) in Township of Langley 4th Floor Presentation Center/Council chambers.

 Township of Langley 4th Floor Presentation Center/Council chambers before the event.

 Event guest speaker & event co-host, Nathan Pachal of South Fraser ON TRAX just outside of the Presentation Center/Council chambers.

April Lewis, BC CARP Representative speaking on the merits of being a CARP member.

A special Thank You to our great Sponsors above  of this event without whose help this great event would not have been possible.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Kim Richter & her husband Bob decided that it was time for the demographics of our generation to be heard

Kim Richter & her husband Bob decided that it was time for the demographics of our generation to be heard and advocated for more clearly. After much research they concluded that the CARP organization most closely met the goals of serving seniors, near seniors, Boomers and ZOOMERS! The ABC mission of CARP's Advocacy, Benefits & Community modeled somewhat on the USA AARP organization provides the unique benefit of strength in numbers throughout CANADA while permitting local CARP chapters to pursue their own priorities and goals too. Essentially the South Fraser CARP Chapter #48 started in late 2011 when Cathleen Vechiatto & Joe Zaccaria agreed to join in too and become the initial 4 member interim executive with Kim, as it's first Chair including Kim's husband, Bob. The rest is history.